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Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Enable Document Protection in ESET NOD32 for Version 5

Description: ESET NOD32 contains the feature to protect document files such as personal files, email files, and archives. This guide will walk you through how to enable document protection in ESET NOD32.
  1. Open the ESET software by clicking Start » All Programs » ESET Folder » ESET NOD32 Antivirus folder » ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

    Open ESET Software

  2. Press the F5 key to open the Advanced options window.


  3. Click + for Antivirus and antispyware, click on Document protection.

    Antivirus and antispyware

  4. Click on the check box for "Integrate into system and Enable document protection."
  5. Click OK and close the ESET window.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

What to do when the reviewing "balloon" comments in Microsoft Word 2010 are too small to read

Sometimes when multiple users share documents in Microsoft Word 2010, reviewing comments and formatting changes will be turned on and show up as balloons to the right of the page. Sometimes a user will receive a Word file in which the balloon text is suddenly way too small to read as pictured below.
balloon text
  1. First you must click on the Home tab as circled below.


  2. Next you must find a very small arrow (circled below), located at the far right of the styles box and click on it.

    click on small arrow

  3. This will bring up the Styles pane. At the bottom of this pane are three buttons. The third one over is the Manage Styles button. Click on it.

    Manage Styles

  4. This will bring up the Manage Styles window. Scroll through the list and look for the Balloon Text style. Highlight it. Then click the Modify button below.

    Modify Balloon Text

  5. In many cases when this happens, the font size is only 1pt. Click on the drop down list for font size and change it to something more readable between 8pt and 12pt. (8pt is the default.) Then click the OK button.

    Change font size

  6. Click the OK button at the bottom of the Manage Styles box. Then click the little X in the upper right hand corner of the Styles pane



  7. You should now be able to read what´s in the balloons!

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How to use Windows Movie Maker

Description: This article will walk you through your first time use of Windows Movie Maker for a new Powerspec computer.
Windows includes a basic tool for making videos and slides from photos. This will introduce this tool and the initial steps in using it.
  1. Open the Start button, then select all programs, then Windows Live Movie Maker

    Select Windows Live Movie Maker

  2. When you first open this you will be asked to accept the user agreement


  3. After accepting this, you will see the opening page. We will create a simple slide movie by adding some photos together.
  4. Click on the button "Add Videos and Photos". We will add several photos.

    Add photos

  5. Select the photos by clicking on "Pictures" in the left column


  6. The photos go into the editing section of Movie Maker on the right and appear in the video presentation section on the left.


  7. You can add a title, caption or credits. These can be placed between video or photo clips.

    Add Captions

  8. Double clicking on a photo will bring up the duration the photo will play. This defaults to 7 seconds.
  9. The final basic step will be to save the movie. Clicking this button will give several options for saving your movie or slide in the right size and format for what you want.


  10. More information can be found from Microsoft at http://explore.live.com/windows-live-movie-maker
For more assistance contact Technical Support here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to activate the next year of ESET protection from a multi-year package

This is a how-to article for ESET NOD32 and Smart Security on the topic of activating the next year´s protection (be it second, third or fourth) if the ESET software was purchased in a multi-year or multi-disc box.

The first thing to keep in mind is that these are separate licenses, intended to be activated one at a time, not all at once.
  1. Locate an unused package. Make sure the previous years´ packages are set aside and a new package is used.
  2. Go to www.eset.com/microcenter.
  3. Fill in the information on the renewal form marked with red asterisks. This is basic information such as your name, email address, and street address. This form is required to register your purchase.
  4. Note that the Passphrase is a new password to be created for your ESET Customer Account. The passphrase must be at least six characters long and include at least one number as well as at least one letter.

    ESET Renewal

  5. The serial number is going to be provided on the back of the package, either in the form of a serial number or activation key. It typically begins with the letters "MC" or the letter "U".
  6. The Partner´s Email, Sub-Partner´s Email and Partner Code are used for special purchases and business partners. Leave them blank.

    Partner's email

  7. Click the Submit button and wait a moment.
  8. Once the page loads, scroll up to see the new Username and Password. Print this page or carefully write down the username and password exactly as they appear. They will be needed later.
  9. Close any programs, including the browser window that was used for the renewal process. Keep your printed copy of the username and password available.
  10. Click the Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  11. Select All Programs, located just above the start button.

    All Programs

  12. Locate and open the ESET Folder
  13. Open the ESET NOD32 Antivirus or Smart Security folder.
  14. Click on Uninstall to begin the removal of the old software.


  15. On the new ESET NOD32 Setup Wizard, click Next.
  16. Choose the Remove option if prompted.


  17. If prompted with a questionnaire, select the "I Am Uninstalling ESET NOD32 Antivirus Only Temporarily and Plan to Install It Again option."
  18. Click Remove on the next screen to begin removing the program.
  19. If the ESET NOD32 Setup displays a screen titled "Files in Use", select the " "Do Not Close Applications. (A Reboot Will Be Required)" option and proceed.
  20. Wait a few moments as the program is uninstalled.
  21. When prompted, reboot the computer.
  22. Go to www.eset.com/download

    ESET download

  23. On the ESET Download Page, click on I have already purchased ESET security software. Take me to my download.

    I have already purchased

  24. Click on the Download link next to ESET Smart Security 5 or ESET NOD32 5 depending on which program you have.


  25. When prompted to run or save, choose Run. If not prompted, run the file once it has been downloaded.
  26. If prompted to give permission from Windows, choose Yes/Allow to continue.
  27. On the first page, select your language and click the Install button in the bottom left.


  28. Wait a few minutes as the ESET Smart Security or NOD32 program is downloaded.


  29. Read the license terms and click I Accept at the bottom.

    I Accept

  30. On the next page, read the description of the two items and choose whether or not to check them, then click Next. It is recommended to check both items.
    • Note: For advanced users you can also change the installation folder on this page under the Destination Folder option.


  31. Wait a few minutes as the program is installed.

    Wait a few minutes

  32. Once it is completed, click Finish to complete the installation.


  33. Once the program loads, choose Activate Using a Username and Password and click Next


  34. Enter the username and password obtained earlier and click Next.

    Click Next

  35. The ESET program will immediately attempt an update.  If the username and password were entered correctly and the computer is connected to the internet, it will take just a few moments to update.


  36. Once completed, check the Home section and ensure it says Maximum Protection. If there are any error messages, do a search for them at www.microcentertech.com or www.eset.com/support for information on how to resolve the errors.


  37.  The renewal is now completed.
For more assistance contact Technical Support here.

Resolving an out of range error on monitor

Description: This article will provide steps in troubleshooting an out of range error when booting into windows.

Problem: Your display stops working and only shows a message of "Out of range." This happens when the computer is first turned on, coming out of hibernate, out of sleep mode, or attaching a new monitor to the computer.

Resolution: This problem is a result of the video resolution for the video card not being set correctly or has been altered unexpectedly by an update or a program shutting down incorrectly.

To overcome this problem, removing the video card driver in device manager and allowing the computer to reinstall the correct video driver will be used in this example.

  • Turn on the computer
  • Start-tapping F8 continuously until there is a windows menu
  • Using the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard, highlight Safe mode and press Enter
  • The computer will start to load, log into windows under your name or under Owner
  • For Windows Vista or Windows 7, click on Start, type Device manager on the search line

    Device Manager

  • Click on the + for display adaptors, then right-click on the video card listed below it (name may be different). Click on Uninstall.

    Display Adapters


  • Leave the check box for "Delete the driver" empty and click on OK.

    click OK

The display driver will disappear from device manager. Close all the windows and restart the computer. The computer will boot up to normal windows and the display will be fuzzy or blurry. Windows will automatically reload the video driver and the computer should restart on its own. Once the computer is back up into windows, you will be able to set the resolution correctly for your monitor if it has not done so automatically.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to open an off-screen window and bring it back to your desktop

Description: This article outlines the process of retrieving a window which has opened off-screen upon startup or from the taskbar.
  1.  All Versions of Windows
    • Right Click on the target window´s icon on the Taskbar
    • Click on "Move"


    •  Your Cursor will change to an icon with Four Arrows signifying that you may not Move the Window Cursor
    • Use the Arrow Keys on your Keyboard to move the window back to your desktop
    • Click anywhere to Release the window from your cursor
  2. Windows 7 (and Newer)
    • Click on the target window´s icon on the Taskbar. The target Window must be the Open and Active Window
    • While Holding Down the Windows Key on your Keyboard, Press the Right or Left Arrow on your Keyboard to move the window back to your desktop

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How to enable the Wireless Radio on an HP Mini 110 or 210 Series Netbook

Description: This article describes how to enable the wireless radio on an HP Mini 110 or 210 Series Netbook
  1. On the keyboard the key used to enable or disable the wireless radio is the F12 key.
  2. Press the F12 key which has the symbol F12 key. If the radio is switched on the wireless indicator will be white.
  3. If the wireless radio is turned off the Wireless Indicator light will be amber.
  4. If the radio is turned on or off, the Wireless Assistant icon in the system tray will display the status.
Wireless Connected
Wireless Connected
Wireless Disconnected
Wireless Disconnected
Wireless Disabled
Wireless Disabled

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to create a system restore point in Windows 7

System Restore is a very handy feature of Windows that will allow you roll your computer back to a previous date without losing any personal document. One of the most common reasons for this is to restore your computer to a working state after a Windows update has corrupted, or maybe just a program you installed. Doing a system restore allows you to keep all of your documents, but will remove any programs that have been installed since the date you select to restore to.
  1. Click start and in the search box type "system restore" and press enter.

    System Restore

  2. This will open System Restore. Click "Next".


  3. This step gives the dates to select from to restore the computer. If a date isn’t shown that you would like to restore to there is an option to "Show more restore points." The other thing that can be done here is “Scan for affected programs.” This will show the programs that will be uninstalled by doing a system restore. Once the date has been selected click "Next."

    Select Dates

  4. Click "Finish" once the restore date has been confirmed from the previous page.


  5. Click "Yes" confirming you would like to continue with the System Restore, keeping in mind this can’t be undone and the computer will need to restart during this process.
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