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Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows XP

This How-To Guide will walk you through the downgrade process from Windows 7 to Windows XP. Note that all files and programs on the computer will be lost.
  1. Place the Windows XP disc in the optical drive.
  2. Turn off the computer.
  3. Wait 10 seconds after computer is off then turn the computer on.
  4. When you see the prompt below press the spacebar on the keyboard:

  5. After pressing the spacebar, wait as the program loads files.

  6. Once the setup files have completed loading, press the Enter key to setup up Windows XP as prompted.
  7. When Prompted, Press the F8 key to accept the licensing agreement.
  8. This will take you to the following screen. There may be more than one partition listed on your screen:

  9. With the largest partition highlighted, press the D key on the keyboard to delete the partition.
  10. Press Enter as prompted, then press L as prompted to finalize the deletion of the partition.
  11. This should take you back to the previous screen, where what was a partition is now “Unpartitioned space” as shown below:

  12. Press Enter with the unpartitioned space highlighted.
  13. On the next page, select “Format the partition using the NTFS file system” without the “Quick”.
  14. The drive will then format, then copy Windows files.
  15. Once setup is complete, the computer will reboot. It will then complete the installation by asking personalization questions such as time, date, and user account settings.

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