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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to add a keyboard shortcut to change the input language in Mac OS X

Description: This is a how-to article on the topic of adding a keyboard shortcut to change the input language to Mac OS X. This would be useful if you need to type in any language other than English.
  1. Close any open programs on the Mac.
  2. Click on the Apple Icon in the top left corner of the screen, then choose System Preferences.

    System Preferences

  3. On the new System Preferences window, choose Keyboard


  4. At the top of the Keyboard window, choose Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keyboard Shortcuts

  5. On the left, choose Keyboard & Text Input

    Keyboard and Text Input

  6. In the middle, check the box next to Select the previous input source

    Select previous input source

  7. Note that a caution symbol will appear, and a message notifying you that there are conflicts. To resolve these conflicts, click on the Spotlight group on the left, or whichever group has the yellow caution symbol.


  8. In the middle, verify that the item with the caution symbol is not used regularly and then uncheck the box to resolve the conflict.

    Show Spotlight

  9. Once that is done the conflict is shown as resolved, and the corresponding keyboard combination can be used to change keyboard input languages.

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