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Monday, October 8, 2012

Tech Tip of the Day: How to download, install, and run SUPERAntiSpyware

Description: Are you concerned about possible spyware, adware, malware, or similar problems on your computer? Does your computer seem to run very slow? SUPERAntiSpyware is a utility that may help you to diagnose and repair these types of problems.

These days there can be a new virus or infection created every three seconds, and computer users need to be ready for the next attack that could be made on their systems. Along with routine Windows maintenance addressing concerns such as cleaning up temporary files or repairing registry errors, running multiple scans from AntiVirus and AntiMalware programs can help to take care of these problems. There is a program called SUPERAntiSpyware that scans your computer for infections, temporary files, registry errors and things like that in just one scan, and then makes recommendations for corrections to the system that it can make.

  1. To download the program, you can go directly to the program's website http://www.superantispyware.com - be sure to understand any terms and conditions of the program.
  2. Go ahead and download the installer, saving it to a location on your computer where you will be able to find it easily, and then run the installer as shown in the picture.

    download the installer
  3. Once finished, open the program and the user will be greeted with a home screen as shown here.

    home screen

  4. Just click "Scan your Computer" to get a full scan under way and let the program work for you.

    Scan your Computer

  5. Once finished, the scans will provide a result pop up as shown below. Click the continue button to delete the threats.


  6. Once the deletion process has completed, click the Finished button.


  7. The program will then ask you to reboot or reboot later, it is best to save and close all programs then reboot your computer for the changes to go into effect.

    *In this and similar situations, it is important for the end user to understand that they are obtaining utility programs such as this one from known reputable sources. If you are unsure of the source being reputable, it can be possible for rogue programs to present themselves as solutions when, in fact, they are actually "problems in disguise" that will make things worse instead of better.
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