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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tech Tip of the Day: How to make a Linux Virtual Machine using VMPlayer and Ubuntu

Description: Interested in what the Linux operating system is like? Don't want to affect your current system? Here is how to test a Linux OS in a virtual machine format without replacing your current operating system.
  1. First you will want to download VMPlayer, a virtual machine tool, which can be done from VMware's website:


  2. Once downloaded, you will want to download a Linux distribution file - we will be creating an Ubuntu virtual machine. Ubuntu can be downloaded via their site at the link below:


  3. Once the ISO (Image File) has been downloaded, we will want to open up VMPlayer and choose the option for Create a New Virtual Machine.

    Create a New Virtual Machine

  4. A new window will appear, choose the option for Installer Disc image file. Press the Browse option and locate your ISO file.


  5. Click Next; choose Linux as the Guest Operating System. Choose the version as Ubuntu.


  6. Give the virtual machine a name and choose where you want your virtual machine to be located.


  7. Choose the maximum disc space that you want to give the virtual machine - the virtual machine will actually grow, but will run out of space once you reach your maximum limit, so be sure to allow some room for it to grow.

    maximum disc space

  8. Click Next; verify your settings and Finish.


  9. VMware Player will now boot into Linux - if it asks to install VMware tools, click Yes and install all updates it requires.
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