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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Overview

Description: This is an overview or informational document on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. In this document we will provide a brief look into Jelly Bean and some of the features.

  1. Here's a look at the lock screen

    lock screen

  2. The default home screen (after installing Chrome)

    default home screen

  3. The contents of the "Google" folder by default

    google folder

  4. The apps drawer, with a few custom apps installed. On this first page is the Currents app, a news application that will be detailed after the Google app. The Google app is not just another way to get to Google Search, instead it brings up the Google Now app.

    apps drawer

  5. Google Now utilizes what are called Cards to provide for you various information, including (in this example) the weather. The app is intended to watch, for example, when you leave for work and give you an estimate on travel time - automatically. Also, if you are travelling it may give you updates on traffic or flight delays based on recent searches, navigation or heading. It will also give you sports scores and updates based on teams that you follow.

    Google Now

  6. An Example Card estimating travel time.

    Example Card

  7. Another Example covering a basketball game


  8. The Currents app shows news outlets, tapping on a new outlet will bring up categories


  9. Tapping on a category will bring up individual stories

    individual stories

  10. Showing individual stories

    individual stories

  11. The Play Music app has been updated. The primary features are automatic activation of Google Music access and a refreshed Recent tab, showing cover art of recent albums. Additional UI features and optimizations have been implemented in the Music app.

    Play Music

  12. The Gallery application is much unchanged, but with some UI optimizations and beautification.


  13. A look at the second Apps drawer with some key apps highlighted

    second Apps drawer

  14. Google Wallet is intended to be a payment system for physical in-store purchases, using credit cards

    Google Wallet

  15. Play Movies opens a Movies section of the Play store in a custom app, allowing for rental or purchase of movies, as well as playing videos that have been downloaded to the device.

    Play Movies

  16. Play Magazines will open the Magazine store, where you can buy and subscribe to magazines.

    Play Magazines

  17. The Google+ application has been updated to include a clean new interface, as well as support for Events.

    Google+ app

  18. Play Books has been updated as well

    Play Books

  19. The YouTube app includes a Pre-load feature, to download videos for viewing without an internet connection.

    YouTube app

  20. The Channel Feed screen has been updated as well

    Channel Feed
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