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Monday, January 16, 2012

How to set up a Tenda Router as a Repeater

Description: A Tenda router can be used to repeat the signal of a main router - here's how. This guide shows you how to setup a Tenda router as a repeater connecting to an existing Tenda router. These instructions require that you already have a working Tenda router. If you don't have your Tenda router configured, consult the Tenda documentation on setup. These instructions may NOT work if your first router is a different brand. The wifi connection on the second Router may be slower than the connection to the primary router.

For the purpose of these instructions, the router that is hooked up to the modem will be identified as "Router 1", and the second router will be identified as "Router 2" which will be setup as the repeater. Before starting, you need to have an Ethernet cable on hand to be able to connect a wired connection to both routers using a computer and any available yellow port on the back of the Tenda routers.
  1. Connect the computer to Router 2 using an Ethernet cable going from the computer to any of the yellow ports on the router.
  2. Once connected, open your web browser and type in the address bar "" (without the quotes). Press Enter.

    address bar

  3. You will be prompted for a username and password unless they have been changed from the default. The default username and password is "admin" (without quotes).
  4. Click on the WLAN settings on the left column, and then on Basic Settings

    basic settings

  5. Under SSID, change Tenda to Tenda 1 to identify it as "Router 2".


    • IMPORTANT: Make note of which channel the router is using. Both routers need to be using the same channel. You can change the channel by using the drop down menu and clicking Apply to save the change. Do NOT make any other changes to this page.


  6. Click on WLAN settings from the menu on the left side. The sub categories will be revealed. Click on WDS Settings.

    WDS settings

  7. In the WDS settings menu, select Lazy Mode from the drop down menu. Click Apply.


  8. Next, configure the existing router that is currently connected to the modem. Start by connecting the computer to the router using any available yellow port. "Router 2" can be disconnected and the cable used to connect to "Router 1." Wait for 30 seconds after disconnecting "Router 2" before plugging into "Router 1."
  9. Close the existing Internet Explorer window. Open up a new web page and type in "" in the address bar. Use the term "admin" for the username and password unless these have been changed from the default.

    address bar

  10. Select WLAN Settings, then WDS Settings. Select Repeater from the drop down menu.


  11. Choose Open Scan. All of the available routers in your local area will be displayed.
  12. Select Tenda 1 router, then click Apply.


  13. The router will reboot.
  14. Disconnect the computer from Router 1 - but leave the connection between Router 1 and the modem.
    • If the computer is a desktop using Router 1 to access the internet, leave it connected.
  15. Users will now be able to use wifi to log into Tenda or Tenda 1 to access the internet.
For more assistance contact Technical Support here.

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