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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to use System Restore in Windows 7

Description: How to use Windows 7 System Restore to recover from software problems. A System Restore is used to recover from problems caused by software that was working a short time ago but has suddenly stopped working or is not working correctly. Windows 7 has the ability to make what are called "restore points" which make a snap shot of the programs and settings of the computer at a specific time. Win 7 does this automatically when updates are applied but it can also be done at any time a user wants to do this. The restore will go back to a previous registry, and to previous software that was installed before the restore point was made. System restore can be accessed through several paths.
  1. The first is by using the search function found in Windows 7.
    • Click on Start Start
    • Type the word restore in the "search programs and files" field.


  2. The Control Panel is another path.
    • Click on Start  Start
    • Control Panel  Control Panel
    • In the top right, change view to small icons

      Small Icons
    • Click on the System Icon (alphabetical order)

      System Icon
    • In the window that opens, look to the top left and choose System Protection

      system protection
    • In the pop-up box choose the System Restore button

      system restore

  3. The repair section of the F8 menu is also a path.
    • Power off the computer
    • Press the power on button and immediately start tapping F8 about twice a second.
    • A black screen with white writing and several menu items will appear.
    • One item will be Repair Your Computer
    • Move the arrow buttons on the keyboard to highlight this and then choose the repair menu by pressing the Enter (return) key on the keyboard.
    • Choose System Restore from the list of options.
  4. Using System Restore
    • There are two options on the opening screen:
    • Recommended restore  - This is the latest restore point that has been created.

      Recommended Restore

      • Click on Scan for affected programs to see a list of programs that are known to have been changed since the restore point was made.

    • Choose a different restore point

      Choose a different restore point

    • This will be a list of all the restore points available.


    • First put a check in the box in the lower left "show more restore points"
    • Choose the restore point date to go back to.
    • Then click on "scan for affected programs"
    • A list of programs that will be changed or restored will appear.

      list of programs

    • Close the box and if this is the desired restore point, click next
    • A "confirm your restore point" box appears.
    • Click on the Finish button to complete this.


    • The computer will take about 5 minutes to finish this restore and the computer will reboot. When this is finished log back into the computer and test to see if the issue has been resolved.
For more assistance contact Technical Support here.

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