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Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is NAS or Network Attached Storage?

Network Attached Storage/Server or as known as NAS is simply a storage device connected through a local network connection. For example, if a home office has several PCs connected to the same LAN, you can perform regular backups of each system to the same storage location. For both security and a disaster plan, it is critical that you have current copies of your operating system and personal files made on a weekly or at least a monthly basis. NAS is a great solution, because it offers larger storage capacity plus can be access from any PC within the local area network.

There are several options for network attached storage offered by Buffalo Technology, Seagate and Western Digital. Each NAS comes in a various size capacities ranging from 1Terabyte to 8Terabyte which provides 1000 – 8000 Gigabytes of storage capacity. In addition, each server has built-in file encryption and auto-backup features. These servers are also multi-compatible with most operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux, and can connect up to 10 computers at once.

Here are some NAS product examples:

Seagate Black Armor

Buffalo LinkStation

Western Digital My Book

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Seagate. Network Storage Troubleshooter.

Seagate Black Armor

Buffalo LinkStation

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