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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What is CrossFire?

CrossFire, also known as CrossFireX is a platform innovation that allows intelligent scaling graphics performance by combining multiple graphics cards in to a CrossFire specific motherboard. CrossFire only works with ATI based cards that are manufactured for CrossFire use.

CrossFire uses proprietary ATI software and a dedicated logic board in each graphics card to render the on-screen graphics or display using two cards with parallel processing, this can increase performance in games or video editing by a wide margin.

Current CrossFire configurations use a ribbon-like connector attached at the top of each graphics card inside the computer to allow communication and data transfer between the two cards.
To use CrossFireX, you need a CrossFireX certified motherboard and CrossFireX Capable graphics cards. It is also necessary to have a power supply capable of supporting the graphics cards.

Example of CrossFire compatible Video Card by Visiontek

Visiontek. http://bit.ly/gCPnsO

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