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Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Set Up a Tenda Router as a Repeater

This guide shows you how to setup a Tenda router as a repeater. These instructions require that you already have a working Tenda router. If you don't have your Tenda router configured, consult the Tenda documentation on setup.

For the purpose of these instructions, the router that is hooked up to the modem will be identified as "Router 1", and the second router will be identified as "Router 2" which will be setup as the repeater. Before starting, you need to have a wired connection to both routers using a computer and any available yellow port.

  1. Connect the computer to Router 2 using an Ethernet cable. Go from the computer to the yellow port on the router.
  2. Once connected, open your web browser and type in the address bar "". Press Enter.

    address bar
  3. You will be prompted for a username and password unless they have been changed from the default. The default username and password is "admin" without quotes.
  4. Under SSID, change Tenda to Tenda 1 to identify it as Router 1.

    SSID menu

    IMPORTANT: Make note of which channel the router is using. Both routers need to be using the same channel. You can change the channel by using the drop down menu and clicking Apply to save the change.

  5. Click on WLAN settings from the menu on the left side. The sub categories will be revealed. Click on WDS Settings.

    WLAN menu

  6. In the WDS settings menu, select Lazy Mode from the drop down menu. Click Apply.

    WDS Mode

  7. Next, configure the existing router that is currently connected to the modem. Start by connecting the computer to the router using any available yellow port. Open up a new web page and type in "" in the address bar. Use the term "admin" for the username and password.

    Address bar
  8. Select WLAN Settings, then WDS Settings. Select Repeater from the drop down menu.

    WLAN menu

  9. Choose Open Scan. All of the available routers in your local area will be displayed. Select Tenda 1 router, then click Apply.
    The router will reboot. Once it reboots, the MAC address from the second router
    will be displayed.


  1. Do both routers have to Tendra routers?

    Which Tendra routers support this feature?

  2. It’s not necessary for both of the routers to be a Tenda but you will need to consult the manual for the other brand on how to configure it to work with or as a repeater. Most router setup pages use the same basic options but it can vary between the brands. This setup has been tested with the Tenda W311R and the W307R, but it should work with any Tenda router that has the WDS feature supported.

  3. Bought 2 Tenda W268R routers from MicroCenter yesterday and spent >4 hours last night trying to make them work with WDS. Both work fine as wireless APs if I connect them to my cable modem via wire, but I can't get them to communicate via WDS using the config listed here, in the opposite mode ( wired router as lazy, remote as repeater) or with both in bridge mode. I've tried selecting a difference channel (and setting both to the selected same channel). I've also tried disabling n mode. As a last try, I performed a firmware downgrade, identified as a solution here (http://forums.cnet.com/7723-7589_102-510644.html). None of this has been successful... Any ideas? I bought these to provide better coverage in my house, but running just one without WDS seems useless since it seems to provide less coverage than my existing Linksys 802.11G router.

  4. I had 2 existing tenda W307R's w/WDS (one in Lazy mode, one in repeater mode. I bought a w268r to link in a network blu ray and TV. Failed miserably until I downgraded the firmware on the W268r to V3.2.5e, and it immediately connected in repeater mode to create a 3 node wireless network.

    A $15 router from MEI was easier than pulling a CAT 5 (Once the firmware was downgraded!)

  5. A few comments:

    Step 1 should say "Connect the computer to Router 1, the existing router that is connected to the modem."

    Step 7 should say, "Next, configure router 2 as a repeater. Start by connecting the...."

    Then, these instructions will match the instructions found here: http://strayed.co.uk/2010/04/15/tenda-wireless-n-150-router-unboxing-setup-review/

    (Those are for a different model of Tenda router, but the steps are the same.)

    HOWEVER, from everything I've read, the key is to downgrade the firmware to version V3.2.5e . One problem. On the router I bought from Micro Center, the firmware version won't change no matter how many times I've tried. For those (like ubergeek) who have been successful in downgrading the firmware, was there any trick you had to use to get it to take? My router shipped with 3.3.6g firmware and no matter what I've tried, the firmware simply won't downgrade. It will go through the motions, but after the router reboots it shows firmware version H1_V3.3.6g_EN on the System Status screen.

  6. Kevin,

    Did you ever get an answer. I just got this from Microcenter and can't even figure what version of the firmware to upgrade to. They have different versions for different chipsets on Tenda's site and I don't know which is mine. Any idea?

  7. @ BlueEyedSoulBrother
    Look at the name of your firmware. If it begins with H1_v3.3.6e blabla, you should get similar - for example H1_v3.3.6h... Mind the H1 in the beginning of the firmware name, and aim for one with similar formatting (not H2_... for example)

  8. Kevin

    You did not try V3.2.5e.
    I also have H1_V3.3.6g_EN and I had tried V3.2.04s and it did not take.
    Also I assume you extracted the file and are using the bin file to upgrade 1,669Kbytes

  9. I forgot to mention the bridging worked. The update of firmware left all my settings. I did not need to change anything.

  10. When you login to your router Click on "System Status" (in left margin) scroll down and it will show version number. Also, if you click on "Update" under "System Tools" it will show you the current version number.

    Also I have both routers using the same SSID, channels, security (I choosed WPA2 and AES) and password. I also used AES security on WDS with the same password as above.

    I did select lazy for entertainment router (but should be able to select bridge also) I also disabled DHCP server for entertainment router. Also under advanced settings LAN Settings I changed the entertainment routers IP address to

    I found it handy to wire connect both routers once I had disabled DHCP server. Actually, only needed to do this when things were not working under original firmware.

  11. Hi there

    I currently have v2.4.155 firmware running on my Tenda W307R and wanted to know which of the many firmwares on your website is suitable for me to upgrade to?

    i want to use it as a repeater for my Billion 7404-VGO.

    Looking forward to your response

  12. The firmware on the router by default should be fine for going through this setup for using the router as a repeater. Should you wish for a recommendation on a firmware upgrade I would suggest contacting Tenda directly as they are the only ones who know precisely which firmware version is the best option. A list of contact information for Tenda is available here:


    They are on Chinese new year for the next few weeks but after that they would be happy to suggest a specific firmware upgrade.

  13. Lazy mode is on the main router? And repeater mode is on the 2nd router? I still cant get these things connected... Im sure all the setting are right. I have W268R router with firmware version H1_V3.3.6g_EN. Is this firmware the problem?


  14. I got it to work by downgrading the firmware to H1_V3.2.5e and setting the both routers to repeater mode.

  15. To clarify, when two of these are set in repeater mode, can you use the same SSID?
    I already have one of these, but want to extend the WLAN, with the same SSID. It appears from your instruction that a different SSID is required for this to work?

  16. I have bought a w268 tenda. but the configuration setup is different from the one that you showed. when i follow the instructions, the prompt says that the configuration was successful but when i try to connect to the internet, error2.asp shows up. and i have to redo the configuration stuff again but still, i haven't connected to the internet even once using the router. its been hours but i still can't configure. please help.

    1. You will want to make sure the IP settings match what your ISP uses (DHCP, PPPoE, etc). AT&T is common for using PPPoE, so if you have AT&T, make sure you are entering the proper credentials given to you by them. If you do not use AT&T, I would recommend following this guide to verify the settings are correct. If that still does not work, I would recommend getting in touch with us directly at chat.microcentertech.com


  17. Ok, I can confirm a few things and solve a few mysteries.

    There are at least two versions of this router (I own two). On the outside, one has a reset button next to the wps/wlan button which is accessible with a paper clip. The other has no such reset button (but it does still have a wps/wlan button).

    Router 1:
    This is the router with a reset button. In the system status page, it reports itself as anything between hardware version 0.65 and 2.0. Nonsensically, the hardware version it reports depends on the firmware installed. Mine shipped with the V3.3.6g firmware which reports as hardware version 2.0.

    Router 2:
    This is the router with no reset button. In the system status page, it reports itself as hardware version 3.0. I do not know if that changes with firmware version as I did not change the firmware on this router (it shipped with V5.07.25)

    As shipped, these would not connect via WDS. I tried downgrading the firmware of router 1 to V3.2.5e, however, I experienced the same difficulties as mentioned above where the downgrade would not 'take'. After downgrading, the firmware still reported V3.3.6g and WDS still didn't work. However, after much experimentation, I found that I could get WDS working after following this firmware upgdrade/downgrade path on router 1:
    V3.3.6g to V3.3.6h
    V3.3.6g to V3.2.4.02s

    At that point, I attempted to upgrade to V3.2.5e, however, it gives an error saying that the firmware is too big. But, with V3.2.4.02s, it was able to connect to router 2 via WDS. Router 1 now reports itself as hardware version 0.65. Again, I did not change the firmware of router 2.

    Hope this helps!

  18. Small typo there. The upgrade path for router 1 was:
    V3.3.6g to V3.3.6h
    V3.3.6h to V3.2.4.02s

  19. this router sucks really bad range. get a linksys off ebay