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Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to run an ESET Scan in Safe Mode

This guide will show you how to run an ESET NOD32 or ESET Smart Security scan in Safe Mode. This is useful when you have a virus that ESET is not able to remove in Windows normal mode. It is recommended that you print this guide as the computer will be running in safe mode and the guide will not be accessible through the Internet.

  1. Print this document and keep it available as it will be needed and it will not be accessible via the Internet for the duration of this guide.
  2. Turn the computer all the way off. Do not restart the computer, leave it powered off.
  3. Locate the F8 key along the top row of the keyboard.
  4. Power on the computer and immediately start tapping the F8 key repeatedly about once per second. The Windows Advanced Boot Options menu will be displayed.
  5. On the Windows Advanced Boot Options menu, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select “Safe Mode” and press Enter.
    Note: The mouse will not work on this screen.
  6. If prompted to "Choose an Operating System", press Enter on the default selection.
  7. When the login screen appears, choose an account with Administrative Privileges. If you are not sure, choose the account that is normally used.
    - The colors will appear differently and the size may be different. This is normal for Safe Mode.
  8. If using Windows XP, a screen with a Yes or No option may appear. Click Yes on that screen.
    If using Windows Vista or Windows 7, a screen titled “What Is Safe Mode” may appear. Close that screen, it is not relevant for this purpose.
  9. Click on the Start button in the bottom left, and choose All Programs.

  10. On the All Programs menu, select the ESET folder, and then ESET NOD32 or ESET Smart Security depending on the installed version.

  11. The ESET NOD32 AntivirusSafe Mode window will appear and prompt for a Yes or No answer. Click on the Yes button to being the scan.

  12. The ESET Scan will begin.

    It is normal for the ESET program to be denied access to certain system files.
  13. The ESET scanner may scroll through many lines of information. Once it is finished, it will display a status message inside this window. Reboot the computer to get back in to Windows normal mode.

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