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Friday, January 7, 2011

ESET NOD32/Smart Security Protection Status

This article contains an explanation of the different colors of the protection status icons of the ESET NOD32/Smart Security antivirus software. If you have questions about what the icon color means for the protection of your system, use this article as a quick reference for interpreting the protection status icon.

1. Green (NOD32) Blue (Smart Security)
A green status icon (or blue for Smart Security) indicates that your computer is currently under the maximum amount of protection offered by the software. The production is updating correctly and the program is functioning optimally. In the main program window, reached by double clicking the protection status icon, you will see checkmarks next to the critical protection modules, they are:
  • Antivirus protection
  • Antispyware protection
  • (Smart Security only, in addition to the two listed above) Personal firewall
  • Antispam protection

2. Yellow
A yellow status icon with a white exclamation point (both NOD32 and Smart Security) indicates the program needs user attention and that the computer may not be ensured to maximum protection. The computer is still being protected, but one or more of the critical protection modules may be disabled which is putting the computer at risk. Some of the reasons for a yellow status are:
  • Virus signature database is unable to update.
  • The latest Windows updates are unable to update. (Note: Version 4 only.)
  • The ESET license is within 15 days of expiring and will need to be renewed before protection can update.
  • Document protection, Email client protection, and/or Web access protection is disabled.
  • "Block all network traffic" on the ESET Personal firewall has been selected. The computer will not be at risk, but services, such as updates, will not be able to run.
Typically, the issues can be corrected these issues by following the actions that software recommends.

3. Red
A red status icon with a white exclamation point indicates that the computer is not ensured maximum protection and is vulnerable to threats. Usually, an alert message will explain why this status is active. One or more of the critical protection modules may have red exclamation points next to them. Reasons for a red status are:
  • If the protection status icon turns red immediately after install, recheck the username and password associated with the product. A typo in those fields will keep the product from updating.
  • One of the critical protection modules (antivirus protection, antispyware protection) is disabled.
  • Real-time file system protection is disabled. This can be remedied by clicking Setup » Antivirus and antispyware protection » Real-time file system protection » Enable.
  • The protection icon will turn red after the product license has expired.
  • The personal firewall is disabled. This can be remedied by clicking Setup » Personal firewall » Network traffic filtering » Switch to filtering mode.

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