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Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Use Recuva to Recover Lost or Accidentally Deleted Files

Description: This article outlines the process of using the Recuva Wizard to recover files which may have been accidentally deleted or lost as a result of a system crash.

Note: If you have not already Downloaded and Installed the Recuva software on your computer, please follow the following guide to do so before continuing: How to Download and Install Recuva on Your Windows OS Computer
  1.  Start the Recuva Wizard by Clicking on the "Start" Button in the bottom left corner of your screen, then click on "All Programs" and on the "Recuva" Folder in the list. Then click on the "Recuva" Shortcut.
    • Click on the "Yes" Button in the User Account Control Window if one appears.


    • If the "Piriform Recuva" Window appears instead of the Recuva Wizard, start the Recuva Wizard by Clicking on the "Options" Button and then clicking on the "Run Wizard" Button in the "Options" Window.
  2. Click on the "Next" Button to continue.


  3. Select "Other" from the File type Options to show all Recoverable Files and Click on the "Nex" Button to continue.


  4. Select "I’m not sure" from the File location Options to search your entire computer for Recoverable Files and click on the "Next" Button to continue.

    I'm not sure

  5. Choose whether or not to perform a "Deep Scan" on your Computer and click on the "Start" Button to begin scanning your computer.
    • Enabling the "Deep Scan" Option will increase the chance of successfully recovering certain files, but it may dramatically increase the time required to complete the search.

      enabling deep scan

  6. Select the Files you would like to Recover by Clicking on the Checkboxes to the Left of their respective File Names. Click on the "Recover" Button to continue.

    select files

  7. Select a Folder to which you would like to recover the files and Click on the "OK" Button to begin the file recovery process.


    • If you receive the following Warning, Click on the "Yes" Button to continue, or Click on the "No" Button to Select a Different Folder.


  8. Click on the "OK" Button to complete the recovery process.


    • Your Recovered Files may now be found in the Folder you previously selected.
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