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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Troubleshooting USB wireless adaptor turns off or suddenly stops working

Description: This article will provide steps in troubleshooting the problem of a USB wireless adaptor that powers off and stops working.

Problem: Your newly installed USB wireless adaptor powers off or stops working. It is unable to connect to the internet and removing and plugging the USB adaptor seems to work for a while. Removing and reinstalling the software does not resolve the problem, even though the lights on the adaptor are on.

Resolution: The problem for the USB wireless adaptor is that Windows has control of the power management for that device and USB ports themselves. Disabling this feature in device manager should resolve this problem.

To open device manager for Windows Vista or Windows 7:
  1. Click on Start, and on the search bar type in "Device Manager". Then press Enter.

    Device Manager

  2. In device manager click on the + or triangle for network adaptors.
  3. Right click on the wireless adaptor (name will vary), and select properties.

    network adapters

    wireless adapter

  4. In the properties window for the wireless card, click on Power Management tab.
  5. Remove the checkmark for "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power."
  6. Click on Ok, and restart the computer.

    Power Management

    Click OK

  7. The wireless USB adaptor will no longer power down or have trouble staying connected to the network.
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