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Monday, October 10, 2011

Troubleshooting Sound Issues in Windows 7: Part One

This is a technical troubleshooting article for troubleshooting issues with sound on a Windows 7 computer. In this article we will go over the hardware aspect, ensuring that the speakers in use are compatible and connected properly. If you have a laptop and are using built-in speakers, you can skip this document and proceed to Part Two.
  1. Ensure that the speakers are powered speakers. To say that you have Powered Speakers effectively means that the speakers have a separate power source, such as a USB port on the computer or a wall outlet.
    • In previous times, powered speakers were unnecessary due to the high-powered sound cards included in computer. More recently the speakers require their own power, thus speakers that are not powered will typically have very little, if any, volume.
  2. Plug the speakers in to their power source, turn them on and up. On the front of one of the speakers, or their remote if applicable, there is a power button or switch and a volume knob. Make sure they are turned on and turned up to about half way.
  3. Take the audio cable coming from the speakers:

    audio cable
    (Source: Own Photo)
  4. Plug the audio cable in to the green port on the back of the computer:

    green port
    (Source: Own Photo)

  5. Test the audio using Windows Media Player or your favorite method. If the sound still does not work, move on to Troubleshooting Sound Issues in Windows 7: Part Two.

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