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Friday, April 1, 2011

How to Improve the Gaming Performance of Your Graphics Card

The overall goal of increasing the performance of a graphics card is to increase the frames per second (fps) at which a game operates. This can be achieved multiple ways. Some suggestions are as follows:

  1. Change the video settings in the game.
    Going into the video settings and lowering some of them can greatly increase the fps of the game. Settings to lower include:
    • Resolution
    • Texture Quality
    • Bit Depth
    • Shadowing
    • Effects
  2. Remove background processes.
    Though the card may be operating at a high level, there may be programs slowing down Windows, which can decrease your fps. To remove background processes:

    • Check for icons in the Notification Area (by default this is located to the left of the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen). Just right-click on icons for programs not currently in use, and select the Exit or Close option.
  3. Update your graphics card drivers.
    The graphics card manufacturer generally has the latest updates.

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