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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Customize Internet Explorer Appearance

Microsoft Internet Explorer has several features to customize the appearance and improve the browser’s layout. Here are some basic commands to modify the default settings in IE:

Add/Delete Toolbars
1. Scroll to the menu bar at the top of the browser.
2. Right-click to reveal the Toolbar menu options.
3. Select which Toolbars to show or hide within the menu.

Adjust Text Size
There are two methods for adjusting the text size in IE. The first example is using the View option on the Menu toolbar. The second is to use the Command Bar.

Using Menu toolbar:
1. Click on View.
2. Select Text Size.
3. In the menu, choose which text size that you prefer: Largest to Smallest.

Using Command Bar:
1. Click on Page.
2. Select Text Size.
3. Choose value from Largest to Smallest.

Similar to adjusting text, the Zoom feature can be changed under the View menu or Command Bar.

For View option:
1.  In Menu toolbar, click View.
2. Select Zoom.
3. Choose a Zoom size option. IE offers preset Zoom sizes or customized Zoom.

For Command Bar:
1. Click on Page.
2. Select Zoom.
3. Choose a Zoom option.

Resize IE’s Icons
1. Right-click on the menu bar.
2. Scroll to Customize.
3. Select Use Large Icons.

For more tips on customization, go to Microsoft Support: http://bit.ly/Revq6

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