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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time to renew ESET Antivirus? Part 2

Part2: Register Your Renewal
1. After you have purchased a renewal license from Micro Center’s website, you will receive via email two email messages. The second email message will have an “Activate Now” link. Please select this link to be directed to the registration page automatically, and the serial number will be entered for you. I highly recommend using the link in the email due to the fact that the serial number is rather long and complex. If you printed out your email and no longer have the Micro Center email with the link, please go to www.eset.com/microcenter to register your renewal license.

2. Once you have the registration page open, enter your information to register the serial number you received in the Micro Center email. The “Passphrase” that it asks for on the registration form is to secure your information in the ESET servers and has no relationship to any other part of the renewal process. A good default passphrase for this form is “1password,” and does not need to be remembered. At the bottom of the registration page, there will be a field for your serial number. If you used the link in the email, the serial number will already be entered for you. If you did not, remember that the serial number is all capital letters with a few numbers, and enter it EXACTLY as it appears in the email, entering hyphens (minus) where shown. Partner’s email is not required, and is only used to send a copy of the new Username and Password to another email address. After you have fully completed the required fields of the registration form (notated with a red asterisk), verify the serial number (if manually entered), and double/triple check the email address BEFORE you click submit. The email address is how ESET tracks this license. If the email address is entered incorrectly into this form, completion of the renewal process will be very difficult at best. If you are certain the email address and the serial number are correct, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. There will be a delay of up to a few minutes as the ESET server stores and updates information of your registration.

3. In a few moments, a web page will load, but LOOK blank. Scroll to the top of the page to see your new Username and Password. If you got an error message rather than a new Username and Password, your renewal license is not registered, and this is usually caused by a serial number being entered into the registration page incorrectly. Pay attention to the error. If the error refers to a script error or a 404 webpage not found error, the server is being updated and is currently offline, wait about 2 hours and try to register again. If the error refers to an incorrect serial number please verify the serial number and try again. Often serial numbers if entered manually will have the letter “O” and the number “0” mixed up, please verify that the serial number is entered exactly as shown from the email and try to register again. If you see your new Username and Password on the page, your ESET is registered, and you will receive a copy of this information in an email shortly. Sometimes the email takes up to forty minutes to be received.

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