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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time to renew ESET Antivirus? Part 1

Part1: Purchase Your Renewal

1. Use your current Username to access the ESET store. The Username will be a capital EAV- followed by some numbers (e.g. EAV-87654321). The ESET store is found on the front page of Micro Center’s website. Scroll down the Micro Center webpage until you see ESET –renew today- on the RIGHT side of the page. The ESET store is accessed by your current Username OR your current serial number (NOT BOTH). The ESET store is also accessed directly by this link: (http://www.microcenter.com/storefronts/eset/renew.phtml )

2. To find your current Username, open the ESET program by clicking on the ESET icon in the taskbar by the time on the Windows desktop and selecting “open window.” You may also access the program from the start menu (Start > All Programs > ESET > ESET NOD32 Antivirus). Once you have the ESET program open, select “Setup” from the left column menu. After selecting setup, click on “Set up Username and Password for update…” or “Username and Password setup” whichever is shown. A small window titled License details will open showing your current Username and dots for your current Password. Please note the capital “EAV” with the hyphen (minus) along with the number. This Username must be typed in to the ESET store page exactly as shown (capitalization matters).

3. Once you have your current Username, and have entered it exactly as was shown in the ESET program, click submit button to continue the purchase process. On this next page you will have the choices for renewal. The first selections on this page are for NOD32, and the last selections are for Smart Security. The number of Users refers to how many computers will use this renewal license, and the Year refers to how long before you renew this license again. After you have decided which item to purchase, click on “ADD to CART,” and now you are ready for checkout. On the next page it will display which renewal you have chosen, and a button for checkout. If the current item is what you need for your renewal, please click “CHECKOUT.” There is a Shipping Option which should be left on “Standard,” because nothing will be shipped (this is strictly electronic).

Note: If the current item is not what you wanted or needed, select “REMOVE” directly below “UPDATE.” After you have removed the item from your shopping cart click the back button of your internet browser twice to get back to the ESET selection screen.

4. The last component of this stage is to actually pay for the ESET renewal. This screen will ask you for your billing information. This information should match the billing information of the credit card you are using for the purchase. After you have filled in your billing information, and your credit card number, click on accept and the first stage is done! A pair of emails will be sent to you shortly. The first email will have your order number in it, and the second email will have the serial number and a link to activate your ESET renewal. Activating the ESET renewal is the second part of the renewal process.

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