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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tech Tip: How to fix internet connection problems

Everyone who uses the internet experiences connection problems from time to time. The "Cannot display the web page" message in Internet Explorer, or the "Server not found" message in Firefox, or the "Ooops!" message in Google Chrome are familiar but unwanted sights. In each case, you're going nowhere on the web. Sometimes the connection problem is caused by hardware issues: a computer adapter malfunction, a modem or router that has finally burned out, or a broken wire or loose cable. Very often, however, there are software issues that cause the connection problem. Many of these issues can be addressed with just a little bit of technical know-how. This series of how-tos is designed to help you try some of the most common software fixes for internet connection problems. The series includes:
  1. How to find a Wireless Access Point before launching a browser
  2. How to make sure your network adapter is working and has a software driver
  3. How to clear the Proxy Server setting in Internet Explorer
  4. How to reset static IP addresses to dynamic IP addresses
  5. How to clean out the Windows Hosts file if malware has tampered with it
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