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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Arduino Workshop - Project 05: Push-On, Push-Off - Part 2

Hardware Required:
  • Arduino Uno board
  • LED (x2)
  • 330 ohm (x2), 10 K ohm resistors
  • Pushbutton switch (N.O.)
  • jumper wires

    Hardware Required



Project Steps:

  1. Assemble an LED and pushbutton, following the directions for project 4.
    Add a second LED:
  2. Insert a second LED in the breadboard
  3. Connect a wire between the ground and the short pin of the second LED
  4. Connect a 330 ohm resistor between the D12 on the Arduino and the long-leg of the LED
    Change the program to turn LED2 on when LED1 is off, etc..
    • Save a copy of the Project4 code as a Project4b (file, save-as, enter new name)
    • Change all of the "LED" variables to "LED1"
    • Copy each line containing "LED1" and paste as a new line immediately following it.
    • Change "LED1" in each of the duplicate lines to "LED2", for example:
      const int LED1 = 13;
      const int LED2 = 13;
    • Change the Digital Output used for LED2 to 12 (const int LED2 = 12;)
    • Change the lines that turn LED2 on and off to the opposite of what LED1 has:
      digitalWrite(LED1, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(LED2, LOW);
    • Verify your code and upload to the Arduino.

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