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Friday, December 7, 2012

Tech Tip: How to open the lock screen on the Nexus 7 by blinking your eyes

Description: How to set up your Nexus 7 so you can open the lock screen by blinking your eyes. This uses a feature called Face Lock.

blink now
  1. Open Settings.


  2. Open Security.


  3. Open Screen Lock.

    Screen Lock

  4. Select Face Unlock.

    Face Unlock

  5. Select Set it up.

    Set it up

  6. Select Continue.


  7. Make sure you look at the Nexus 7 straight on, so the camera can pick up your face.


  8. When it captures your face you will see this screen.

    this screen

  9. Check "Liveness Check" so it requires you to blink to unlock the screen.

    Liveness Check
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1 comment:

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