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Friday, December 28, 2012

Arduino Workshop - Project 02: RGB LED

Hardware Required:



Project Steps:

  1. Insert the RGB LED into the breadboard
  2. Connect a wire between the ground and the longest leg of the LED
  3. Connect a 330 ohm resistor between each of the other three legs and rows on the breadboard
  4. Connect a wire from D9 to the resistor on the Red LED pin
    Connect a wire from D10 to the resistor on the Green LED pin
    Connect a wire from D11 to the resistor on the Blue LED pin
  5. Connect the Arduino unit to your computer with the USB cable
  6. Open the Project2 sketch into the Arduino software and upload it to your module
Things to try:
  • Code: Change the time to show each color: 5x faster, 10x faster, 20x faster…
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