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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tech Tip of the Day: How to automatically archive old messages in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Description: This is a how-to article for Microsoft Outlook 2010 on the subject of setting AutoArchive to automatically archive old messages and emails.

  1. Within Outlook, select the folder for which to configure AutoArchive.

    select the folder

  2. Across the top of the Office Ribbon, choose the Folder tab.


  3. Choose the AutoArchive Settings option across the Ribbon.

    AutoArchive Settings

  4. On the new window that appears, choose "Archive items in this folder using the default settings" and then click on the Default Archive Settings button.

    Archive items

  5. Check the Run AutoArchive Every... box and select the number of days. In most cases the
    default (14) is sufficient.

    Run AutoArchive Every

  6. Select the other options as appropriate and click OK to confirm.


  7. Click OK on the Inbox Properties window to finalize.
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