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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Microsoft announces Windows 8 release date

Yesterday, Microsoft officially unveiled the release date for its next operating system. Looks like Friday, October 26th is when you’ll finally be able to get your hands on the Windows 7 follow-up. Windows President Steven Sinofsky made the announcement yesterday during Microsoft's sales meeting. This date holds true for both new PCs and upgrades, though there’s still no mention if this includes Microsoft's tablet, Surface. Seemingly, we’ll have to wait a little longer for that...

Source: Microsoft


  1. For those who haven't had the chance to see it or beta test it, you are in for some surprises and a lot of new things to get use to. I hope this version includes Windows Media Player, because the beta version didn't and of what I read recently, WMP may not be free, so you may have to look for alternatives, and Apple Itunes, also was not available for me.

  2. Do NOT install Windows 8 "Consumer Reivew" (AKA beta) unless you're an experienced user. The upgrade from Win 7 Ultimate took a LONG time. Even after it was installed on my test notebook there were two upgrade sessions before I got it up and running. At this time not all of the apps are working though that too may change. The desktop after going through the fancy home screen looks much like Windows 7 except for the lower right hand corner where you will be reminded you're on Windows 8. I still have a lot of testing and exploring to do on the notebook. At this time I will have to give Windows 8 a mixed review however for $40 for the upgrade to the regular release makes it worth the cost. So far I have had minimal compatible issues. PhotoShop CS4 was a concern but that runs like a champ. Office 2003 works fine. You will need Trend Micro's 2013 release (I beta test for TM) as older versions will not work with Windows 8. There will be a version specifically for Windows 8 even though my pre-release of Titanium Maximum appears to be working at this time.

  3. Capolarry: Really, you shouldn't be performing an "Upgrade" at all for the release preview. A fresh install works much, much, much better and installs quicker than any other Microsoft OS to date.

  4. They should have gone with 21 December 2012...

  5. Will I be able to write on Win 8 laptop screen on ppt slides and fill out forms, like in Word?