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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tech Tip of the Day: Windows 8 Consumer Preview Installation Walkthrough

Description: This document is a direct walkthrough of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview installation process. We will assume that you either have a computer to install it on, or a virtual machine set up for installation and begin by booting from the disc.

Note: At various points during the installation, the computer will restart. Don't be alarmed! It's part of the normal process.

  1. We are greeted with the newly traditional Windows Betta Fish in the middle of a black screen as it begins to load the installation environment.

    Windows Betta Fish

  2. After the fish goes away it will load the Language Select screen.

    Language Select

  3. Then the Install Now option appears. To repair an existing installation of Windows 8, the
    Repair Your Computer option is available here.

    Install Now

  4. After a moment, it will prompt for the product key. This key is obtained in signing up for the Windows 8 Beta.

    product key

  5. Review the license terms, accept them and proceed.

    Review the license terms

  6. Choose either to upgrade an existing installation, or perform a custom installation. When installing on a blank new machine or virtual machine, it is necessary to choose
    Custom (Advanced)


  7. Select the drive on which to install Windows 8

    select drive

  8. Wait a few minutes as the files are copied and expanded.


  9. Once completed, the computer will restart.


  10. A few more minutes with the friendly Betta fish...


  11. ....and then the user setup begins, starting with a color (theme) selection and entering a PC name.


  12. Next, the Computer Settings. Using the Express Settings will result in most of the following settings being done for you, but for the sake of completeness we will go through the
    Customize option.


  13. Choose whether or not to share files and resources with other computers on the network


  14. Windows Update and Security settings....

    Windows Update and Security settings

  15. Windows Improvement Program settings.

    Windows Improvement Program settings

  16. Additional settings including checking error reports for resolutions, and app info sharing settings.


  17. If the machine is connected to the internet, you can enter your Microsoft email account. If you choose to use your Microsoft email account, (@live.com, @hotmail.com, @msn.com, etc) your account will by synchronized between all Windows 8 computers when you log in.

    Microsoft email account

  18. If you enter your Microsoft email address, you will be prompted to sign in on the next screen.

    sign in

  19. Afterwards it will ask for security verification information, or to create it if it hasn't been set.

    security verification

  20. Wait a moment as it creates your account

    creates your account

  21. It will then proceed to sign you in automatically

    signing in

  22. After this, you will be presented with the Start screen in Windows 8.

    Start screen

  23. That concludes our Windows 8 installation walkthrough. Let us know what ideas you have for additional Windows 8 documents!
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