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Friday, June 24, 2011

How to Repair the Outlook Data PST file with the ScanPST tool

This is a how-to document on the topic of repairing the Outlook Data PST file using the ScanPST tool included with Microsoft Office.

Note: This document assumes that the location of the PST file is known. If it is not known, see the www.microcentertech.com document titled "How to Find the PST file in Outlook 2010."

  1. Close Outlook if it is open.
  2. Open up Computer or My Computer.

    Open Computer
  3. Open the Local Disk (C:) drive by double-clicking on it.

    Open Local Disk C
  4. If the Program Files (x86) folder exists, open that folder. Otherwise, open the Program Files folder.

    Program files

  5. Open the Microsoft Office folder.

    Microsoft Office folder
  6. Open the highest numbered Office00 folder. In this example there are Office12 and Office14 folders, so the Office14 folder would be the appropriate folder.
    Note: These are numbered this way due to different versions of Office. Office 2007 was known as Office12, and Office 2010 is Office14.
  7. Locate and open the Scanpst file on the list.

    SCANPST file
  8. Click Browse and select the Outlook Data PST file to be repaired.

    Repair Tool
  9. Click Start to begin the repair process. If prompted to make a backup first, it is recommended to do so.

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